Camp 1831 is three day, two night program for first-year students with a packed schedule of events. Descriptions of scheduled events are available below. Camp 1831 Days are generally 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. filled with the activities listed below. Participation in the full schedule is a must for this ULTIMATE first year experience!

Sample Schedule

Are you wondering what you will be doing during the ULTIMATE first year experience? Check out our Camp 1831 Daily Schedule for more!

Activity Descriptions

Small Group Sessions

Each camp participant will be assigned to a small group of approximately 15 students and two A-Team leaders. During these sessions, participants will build relationships with one another, reflect on their camp experiences, and discuss meaningful topics surrounding transition to college life, becoming a leader on campus, and serving UA.

History & Tradition

Throughout camp, participants will learn UA chants, cheers, songs, and traditions while also being quizzed on University of Alabama history and facts. The goal is for participants to feel a sense of pride in UA as their institution!

Team Building

Each group will participate in field activities to build relationships with one another and to build their own confidence. These activities will be challenge by choice and will allow participants to push themselves and support one another by practicing communication, critical-thinking, and strategy.

UA Leadership & Service

Students will learn about various opportunities that exist at UA and set goals for their time on campus by speaking to current students and staff as well as engaging in dialogue about social issues in the community. They will leave with a plan of action for their own UA experience.

Faculty & Staff Roundtable Discussions

Students will learn from the experts on various disciplines and research areas, gain inside advice on how to be successful in their academic career, and build relationships with faculty and staff members in a casual setting.

Symbolic Activity

This activity will symbolize a first-year student’s transition to becoming a UA student where they will “take the step into the Capstone.” The secret stays with camp participants!

Camp 1831 Service Day

On the last day of Camp 1831, First Year Experience and the Center for Service and Leadership partner for a day of service. At the Camp 1831 Service Day, camp participants serve the Tuscaloosa community in various ways and put into action their service and leadership discussions from camp.