The students below participated in the Legacy Scholars program for 2017-2018 and wanted to share their experience with you! One of the best parts of the program is building a community with fellow first generation students whom you can lean on and learn from in your first year. We are looking forward to welcoming our next group of Legacy Scholars this fall!

Lacey Beasley

“This program has been amazing for me. I’ve loved every moment, and I’ve learned so much. I am thankful for the Legacy Scholars program for helping me through my freshman year and giving me a room full of people from a similar background as me.”

– Lacey Beasley, News Media

Autumn Solley

“This program has helped me to overcome the challenges set before me as a first generation student and provided me with resources that have made my first year at UA even better than I ever imagined it to be.”

– Autumn Solley, Nursing

Elijah Sawyers

“My mentor offered me the type of support that I needed to be successful here at UA. He also gave me a sense of motivation to do well in my classes because I always knew that he would ask how I was doing in my classes during my monthly visits.”

– Elijah Sawyers, Computer Science

Shannon Anderson

“I have not only gained knowledge about various resources on campus but also inspiration. Being around other first generation students and a first generation mentor has shown me that I can achieve things far greater than myself.”

– Shannon Anderson, Human Development and Family Studies (Pre-Med Track)