BRIDGE is the perfect way for you to begin to build your story at UA. All BRIDGE information will come to your Crimson Email Address. Please refer to the details below to prepare for the BRIDGE session.

BRIDGE Participant Documents

University of Alabama Release Form:  Please complete the appropriate BRIDGE Release Form according to your age by Monday, August 2, 2021.

Under Age 19 Release Form: If you are under the age of 19, please complete the Under 19 BRIDGE Release Form. You’ll need to enter in your own information,  as well as your parent/guardian name and email address. Once all parties have signed the document, a completed copy will be sent to our office.    

Over Age 19 Release Form: If you are 19 years of age or older, please complete the 19 and Over BRIDGE Release Form. You’ll enter your own information and after signing, a completed copy will be sent to our office. 


Early Move-In

BRIDGE participants who are living on campus in Fall 2021 will be able to move into their residence hall on August 10th. If needed, Housing and Residential Communities will allow BRIDGE participants to move-in on August 9th with a small fee for that one night. BRIDGE students should log into their myHousing portal to select their move-in date. For BRIDGE students staying off-campus in Fall 2021, there will be no on-campus housing available for the BRIDGE program. Students living off-campus should coordinate transportation to campus for each day of the BRIDGE program.

Bama Bound

It is mandatory that all BRIDGE participants schedule and attend Bama Bound orientation before the scheduled BRIDGE dates. If you have not participated in Bama Bound prior to BRIDGE, you will be unable to attend BRIDGE.

Check-In Details

Bring your Action Card to check-in on the first day of BRIDGE (August 11, 2021).
Note: Any student who arrives late or misses check-in must contact First Year Experience and Retention Initiatives immediately by calling 205-348-8404.

Parking and Travel Information

In you live in on-campus housing, you should park your car in your residential zone. For students who live off-campus, you may park in the Ferguson Center Parking Deck. Please visit the Transportation Services Website for information about parking and transportation on campus.

BRIDGE Information

The program lasts three days and two nights. The schedule for the program will be on the Schedule Tab in late Summer 2021.

Housing Accommodations

If you live on campus, you will be housed in your regular residence hall room or a close alternative if your room is unavailable at the start of your session. For participants living on campus, you may stay in your room for the remainder of your first-year after you move-in for BRIDGE.

If you live off-campus, you should plan to make accommodations for your living arrangements. If you are unsure of your options, please contact our office at 205-348-8404.

Prepare to Unplug from Devices

As a BRIDGE participant, you are encouraged to not use your phone during the program. All cell phones should be put away during BRIDGE and will not be allowed during BRIDGE activities. This is so that everyone can be fully engaged.

Attendance at BRIDGE

All BRIDGE participants are expected to be in attendance and participate at all scheduled BRIDGE events.

We want you to commit to all scheduled activities at BRIDGE. Once you check-in, you are showing your commitment to participating in all program activities. Upon signing a waiver to participate, our staff maintains a level of responsibility for where participants are located and we want you to receive the full benefits of participating in BRIDGE for the entire time. Please note that dinner with family, leaving town, and other conflicts are not considered extenuating circumstances for not participating in program activities.

Special Accommodations

If you require special accommodations, please contact First Year Experience Office to make appropriate arrangements at or 205-348-8404.

In Case of Emergency

In the case of an emergency, contact First Year Experience and Retention Initiatives at 205-348-8404. They will be able to get any necessary messages to BRIDGE staff.