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Compass Talks are virtual!

Want to connect about your first year? Ready to make plans for your future on campus? Got questions? Just to want to talk to someone? Hang out with FYE Staff through Compass Talks! Schedule a Compass Talk on Zoom for any time Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Lucy's Legacy

Apply for the Lucy's Legacy LLC!

Apply for Lucy’s Legacy! This living-learning community is for women who wish to explore the historical significance and experiences of women of color at The University of Alabama. Learn more here!
Register for Camp 1831

Register for Camp 1831!

Camp 1831 is the ULTIMATE first-year experience with a 3-day, on-campus program filled with activities to get comfortable on campus, develop friendships, learn UA culture, and have fun! Learn more and register today so you don't miss out!